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Primary Manufacturers

Variable frequency drives with proven reliability and design flexibility, energy efficiency, straightforward setup and configuration. Providing seamless integration with essential HVAC communication protocol with application specific functionality. Available with intelligent bypass and low harmonic options.

Motors designed for use in the harshest HVAC application, options with integrated internal shaft grounding systems. Motors for chillers/cooling towers, condensers and fan applications and more.

Building automation solutions for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment. Standard open communications protocol gives building owners flexibility in their building solutions.

Field devices for energy-efficient control of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Focusing on damper actuators, control valves, sensors and meters.

Daikin Applied designs and manufactures advanced commercial and industrial HVAC systems for customers around the world.

High-efficiency, variable refrigerant volume heat pumps, air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, central station air handlers, applied rooftop units, vertical self-contained units, fan coils, unit ventilators, WSHP, templifiers, heating and cooling coils, and heat recovery systems.

Building automation systems with cost-effective and scalable integration of all your control, monitoring, and operational needs with an open platform.

Manufacturing of single, dual duct and fan-powered VAV boxes, fan coil units and air handling units.

High-engineered electric heating and thermal management technologies for commercial and industrial markets.

Game changing modular chiller technology, that is market-driven innovation and environmentally friendly solutions.

Complementing Manufactures

Industry Leading Names